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“Good Care Close To Home: Local health professional perspectives on how a rural hospital can contribute to the healthcare of its community.” Katharina Blattner, Tim Stokes, Marara Rogers-Koroheke, Garry Nixon, Susan M Dovey NZMJ 7 February 2020, Vo 133 No 1509 A summary of this research paper, that aims to gain insights into the wider

Rural Proofing the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill, November 2019, is currently going through Parliamentary Health Select Committee so that the public has the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Bill. The Government is working rapidly to have the Bill passed as an Act of Parliament that establishes the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission

North Otago Hospital Transfers Crucial

The Otago Daily Times, 20 November 2019 reports: Patient transfers from Oamaru Hospital are a complicated process that require extensive co-ordination, about 50 members of the public were told at a community health forum in Oamaru last night.

Call for rural health to be part of review

Increased funding for palliative care and for training more rural doctors and nurses, as well as more money to provide medical services to accommodate booming tourism numbers, are all things Dalton Kelly would like to see included as part of the new review of health services. The Government announced a comprehensive review of health and

‘Make or break’ as Christchurch midwives march for better funding

‘Make or break’ as Christchurch midwives march for better funding Midwives and their supporters marched in Christchurch as the industry fights for better pay. Lucia Alonso has worked as a midwife in several countries, but says New Zealand’s poor pay, gruelling hours and staggering workload forced her out of the job. Alonso, formerly a rural