About Us

NZRHN encourages the sharing of resources, ideas, innovations and challenges among rural hospitals.
Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NewZealandRuralHospitalNetwork is a good vehicle for networking and discussions so please do not hesitate to send in your message and get the sharing going!

New Zealand Rural Hospitals Network Inc – Become a member!

The New Zealand Rural Hospitals Network (NZ RHN) has been established as an Incorporated Society to represent and support rural hospital staff nationwide. We encourage membership from all professionals working in rural hospitals around New Zealand, as well as corporate membership from organisations that provide governance for rural hospitals such as trusts, DHBs, and independent community boards .

RHN has been modeled off the New Zealand Rural General Practice Network (NZRGPN) and now operates as a sister organisation to RGPN with similar membership rates as well as an option for dual membership.

The purpose of the NZRHN is to:

  • Give a platform for rural hospital staff to express their views and discuss issues
  • Represent all professional groups within rural hospitals
  • Enable the sector to speak with one voice especially over national issues
  • Lobby the Minister/Ministry of Health and other agencies
  • Establish national standards and guidelines in rural hospital practice
  • Facilitate benchmarking between rural hospitals
  • Support rural hospital staff and rural hospitals
  • Establish a rural hospital arm of NZ Locums (agency of the NZRGPN) to help cater for rural hospital short and long term staffing needs
  • Support negotiations with purchasers (MOH, NHB, DHBs and ACC) and professional associations.

The RHN is a founding member of the newly established Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (RHAANZ). RHAANZ’s purpose is to bring together health, social and political agencies with a rural focus to provide, when possible, a unified voice and resource to help find solutions for the health problems rural communities face.

We welcome your involvement as we move through these exciting times. For more information please contact any of the Executive Members:

Chairperson: Ray Anton:  ray.anton@chf.co.nz

Debi Lawry: debi.lawry@cohealth.co.nz

Michelle Shaw: Michelle.Shaw@cohealth.co.nz

John Wigglesworth: john.wigglesworth@hokiangahealth.org.nz

Pip Zammit: PipZammit@northlanddhb.org.nz

Sarah Clarke: dr.sarah.clarke@gmail.com

Kathy de Luc: Kathy.deLuc@cohealth.co.nz

Robin Rutter-Baumann: robin.rutter-baumann@wcdhb.health.nz

Berni Marra: Bernice.Marra@cdhb.health.nz

NZ RGPN Secretariat Support: Marie Daly: marie@rgpn.org.nz

For an application for membership form and/or levy information please contact the secretariat at RGPN at 027 203 1080